Multi-Flow drainage systems are commonly used in a wide variety of recreational areas in addition to athletic fields. The explosion of Multi-Flow usage is part of a larger trend toward more extensive and intensive drainage in recreational areas. Park directors and maintenance personnel are under persistent pressure to keep their parks and campgrounds attractive and ready for use. Heavy schedules make this a major challenge because use of recreational areas during saturated conditions compacts the soil and consequently threatens the vegetation.

Jogging paths, intensive play areas, clay or grass tennis courts, around swimming pools, campgrounds and picnic areas are common Multi-Flow drainage sites. Many horse paddocks and pastures are also much more usable due to Multi-Flow.

Comparing vertical and horizontal installations
Most commonly, Multi-Flow is installed vertically wherever trenching is needed and horizontally wherever trenching can be avoided. When trenching is required, vertical installations take best advantage of Multi-Flow’s narrow profile. Most park applications require trenching.

However, where a nearly impermeable clay base is established, laying Multi-Flow directly on the base locates it where the water accumulates and keeps it out of the way of maintenance equipment. This eliminates the need for trenching but protects the integrity of the base. Under playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, and in planters are examples of this condition.


Benefits of using Multi-Flow in your recreation area

Whether it is new construction or the renovation of an existing park, Multi-Flow is a wise choice because Multi-Flow is 1) effective 2) convenient 3) durable 4) affordable.

Effective – Effective drainage systems must be able to collect and transport water efficiently. Multi-Flow excels in both regards:

Collecting water – Water can enter a Multi-Flow drain more readily because Multi-Flow has greater surface area than traditional round pipe. The more drainage product that is in contact with surrounding saturated soil, the more quickly drainage can take place.

Transporting water – Once water has entered Multi-Flow flow channels, it moves away from the saturated area quickly because the channels are round and unobstructed, in contrast to all other panel shaped drains.

Convenient – At least three factors make Multi-Flow a product that designers and contractors love to work with.


Shape – Because of its panel shape, Multi-Flow can be inserted vertically in a narrow trench or laid out horizontally, without trenching. Either way, it is a great time saver. Vertical installations in a narrow trench are the more common usage in parks and other recreation areas.


Connectors – Not only are Multi-Flow connectors easy to use, there are a lot of them. Any configuration that is appropriate for a given site can be carried out using one or more of the 60 Multi-Flow connectors.


Flexibility – Multi-Flow is highly pliable making it convenient to work with, suitable for making tight turns, and it is easily joined to connectors.


Durable – Multi-Flow enjoys longevity because of:

Strength – Multi-Flow is designed to withstand heavy loads. Able to withstand loads well in excess of 6,000 psf, Multi-Flow is not going to collapse due to heavy surface loads in shallow installations or due to earth weight in deep installations.


Longevity – The Multi-Flow system includes a heavy effective geotextile filter. This high quality fabric acts as an excellent secondary filter, keeping Multi-Flow’s flow channels clean and open. Clean coarse sand acts as a very effective primary filter. Due to its shape, Multi-Flow is easily encased in sand, assuring a long life. When placed in a 4 inch wide trench Multi-Flow is readily protected in this way. This would be difficult if not impossible using French drain methodology.

Affordable – A completed Multi-Flow system typically costs about half as much as a comparable French drain system. Add to that its longer life and Multi-Flow begins to look very attractive! Now factor in the cost of cancelled and rescheduled events and it is a system you cannot afford to live without.